Friday, 24 May 2013

Out and about

Lots of lovely sunshine today but there is still no May blossom.  It's nearly June and the hawthorn hedges stubbornly refuse to offer up their frothy almond smelling flowers.  I visited the Alnwick Garden down in Northumberland two or three weekends ago and one of the gardeners told me that growth in the gardens was about five weeks behind.  I suppose the upside is we still have blossom to look forward to, although the cherry trees are now just green with the flowers overtaken by growing leaves.

Here are a few photos I have taken this week, out and about in East Lothian.  The first is Traprain Law, because I love it!
We have lived in East Lothian for three years now, and visited it for many more, but this is the first year I have really noticed how red the soil is.  It really is very beautiful.
If you or smaller members of your family are acquainted with the children's television programme, Balamory, you might be interested to know that the rather indistinct tower in this photo is Archie's Castle.  It dressed up in bright pink to put in occasional appearances in the programme, which is set in Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, but in fact this building is West Fenton Tower and it is firmly planted in the East Lothian countryside.
North Berwick Law and a derelict folly or tower which remains in the middle of a field about a mile from the Law.

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