Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Forget me not

It's the first of May today.  My sister's birthday.  She would have been 57 today had she not lost her larger-than-life self in a car accident back in 1988.  

Before it clouded over I was out walking this morning, enjoying the blue sky and sunshine and I came across a lovely forget-me-not plant.  Here is a stem, sitting in a pretty little pot which belonged to my sister, and today the two together seem very appropriate.  
Lucy was a shining girl and the planet is poorer without her here, doing silly things to make us all laugh.


  1. Dearest Mrs Gaucho

    What a perfect tribute to Lucy; I can hardly believe that it is a quarter of a century since that achingly sad May Day. It's a day that is tinged with memories for me too: Dick died on the first of May, 1985.

    Thank goodness for the timely arrival of sunshine and the first forget-me-nots.

    With love,


  2. Don't know how I managed to misread your post, which was quite clear . . . but a birthday - a much, much happier recollection.