Monday, 20 May 2013

Green shoots

No, the heading of this post is nothing to do with economic recovery or any of that endless blah. It refers to the wonderful new life which has been breathed into the potatoes in the field at the end of the drive!  It has taken them about three weeks, give or take a day or three, to push through their first rosettes of green.  Spud Watch is in progress.
We have had some very heavy rain over the last two or three days.  As I write it is raining cats and dogs and earlier, when I was in the garden planting a new white Gaura plant (gorgeous floaty thing) there was a crackle high above me and then a rumble of thunder.  The Shipping Forecast heard in the early hours of this morning said there would be thunder storms in the Firth of Forth later today and they were not wrong.  

The rain has hit the lovely cherry blossom petals.  They are fluttering down like snowflakes.  
The grass looks very pretty but I would rather the petals stayed on the tree a bit longer.  The blossom's presence is all too fleeting after such a long winter wait!

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