Wednesday, 29 May 2013

One for the birds

It's a cold grey morning, a bit of light rain and generally rather disappointing for almost the last day in May.  Roll on flaming June.

There's a pair of greater spotted woodpeckers who are taking it in turns to snack on one of the peanut feeders.  They must be looking after their young in a nest on the far side of the garden.  As soon as Mrs Woody takes off, Mr W zooms in.  They clearly have very organised parenting skills!  
There has also been a lot of activity in the bird bath.  Yesterday Mr Gaucho saw a song thrush having a bath with a great tit!  Today a blackbird has been ruffling his feathers in the water and then a collared dove dropped by for a drink.  Their plummage is the softest grey and reminds me of my mother's very elegant wedding dress, worn back in September 1949!

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