Sunday, 9 November 2014

A small tribute to my sweet pea plants

I am posting this photo of the last of my sweet peas, picked this morning, before I cleared the raised bed where they have been growing this year.  When I got back from Australia in July, I really didn't expect the plants to flower much beyond the beginning of August.  They had not been picked while I was away, and they do like to be picked and picked, to keep the flowers coming.  The old flower heads had produced masses of seed pods, so I cut as many off as I could, gave the plants some feed, and, bless their hearts, they have persevered until today. Hooray!


  1. Amazing! I can't work out if it is still summer, autumn or winter as some days the weather feels like all three. We've been dodging showers today and enjoying the sunshine, hope you have a lovely week ahead x

  2. Thanks A! My aim every year is to keep the sweet peas going into November, and I usually manage it, although it was definitely touch and go this year! When I was in Australia the plants started to bloom, but nobody picked them, until I sent a rather stern email home to ask them to get out there and harvest! They smell so delicious and summer wouldn't be the same without them! Hope your week goes well too! A x