Monday, 3 November 2014

Colour rules!

In term time I start my week with an art class in Portobello.  I have a great teacher.  Jemma Derbyshire (, a very talented young artist as well as an excellent tutor.  Jemma loves colour, and so do I.  During the last two lessons we have been using luscious colour, and today we finished off a painting we started last week.

This was my little corner of a larger still life set up.  These three peppers are tiny, and that is part of a leek running along the top!
We had a fairly limited palette of colours to work with.  Jemma always knows exactly what combinations you need, and how much down to the last smidge, to get the colour you want. That's what happens when you know your stuff!
 This is my piece.  It's colourful, if nothing else!
Whatever the end result, the class is always a great start to a busy week!


  1. This sounds like so much fun, I'd love to do something creative. I think when we're younger we hold back or don't try something as everyone else seems to be such an expert. It's great to be allowed to just give it a go without the pressure of tests and grades, it also frees up our creativity and allows it to find it's own outlet. Have a lovely week x

  2. Couldn't agree more! I love what you say! Are you anywhere near Falmouth. There's such an excellent art school there - they may have evening classes. Always worth having a crack at one of those! x