Friday, 14 November 2014

Witches on the heath weather

It's real witches on heath weather today - iron grey and windy with huge, cold raindrops.  Not nice at all.  However, completely unfazed by classic November weather, and glowing in the wood behind the house, are the beech trees.  


  1. Beech are my favourite trees, I love their zingy green leaves in spring and they definitely steal the show in autumn. I just hope they last a bit longer so that I can get some more woodland walks in. Have a great weekend, Antonia x

  2. They are my favourite tree too! I always reckon I grew up under a beech tree. We had a massive copper beech in our garden when I was a child. We had a swing which took us way up into its branches. We threw ourselves in the piles of ginger-biscuit leaves swept up by my father in the autumn, and it was a big and beautiful presence in my young life! Very sadly, long after our family moved from the house, one of the big storms blew it down, and now it's just a memory :o( A good one though! Love your messages. Thank you, and hope you have a good weekend too! A x