Sunday, 9 November 2014

"Don't forget me, cobber"

I have posted this photograph before, in 2012, but it seems even more appropriate this year, as we remember all those men who fought for us so bravely during the devastating years of the First World War.  'Don't forget me, cobber' is a bronze sculpture, sited just down the hill in the wonderful parkland surrounding the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.   'Don't forget me, cobber', was the cry uttered by a fallen Australian soldier as battle rescuers were recovering casualties from no-mans-land, following the Battle of Fromelles on 19 July 2016.
It's disappointing not to have been able to see all those commemorative poppies, flowing around the walls of the Tower of London.   A similar tribute could perhaps have been sited up north, in York for example, to reach more of the population.  But I hear, now, that there is going to be a touring exhibition, so perhaps it will come to Edinburgh, although hopefully not while we are away in Australia during December!  So, I might miss it anyway, but instead, here are my poppies for Remembrance Sunday, with the promise of a ripening field of corn beyond.

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