Saturday, 1 November 2014

Pinch punch ….

… it's the first of the month.  It's November, which seems slightly mad for a number of reasons. Firstly, how did we get here so quickly?  This year seems to have galloped past at the most alarming rate.  And it's so warm.  Yesterday was just silly.  Temperature-wise there was very little chill attached to Halloween!  The children went to North Berwick for a spot of trick or treating. They had a selection of corny jokes to tell, which must have gone down well because they came home, each with an enormous carrier bag of sweets, enough to keep them going until Christmas!

Tilly and I had a wonderful walk today.  We haven't been to the beach at Tyninghame for weeks, so we put our best feet forward, on a bright, sunny morning.

I know that sea buckthorn is an invasive plant, but I do love it.  The colours are so subtle, soft orange berries and silvery grey leaves.  To reach the top of the dune you have to walk through a thicket of buckthorn.  As always, the view from the top did not disappoint.
One of the things I enjoy most about going to the beach is the chance that you might come across something fun and creative.  Today I found this!  A sand castle perched on top of a rock - it could have been modelled on Edinburgh Castle.  And how clever to build it out of the  way of the waves.  It will be there for days!
We left that beach and cut through the fragrant smelling pine woods to another, very different stretch of coastline.  This beach, which looks across the Tyne Estuary to Belhaven and the Lammermuir Hills beyond, has pavements of rock and the trees come right down the sand. Curlews winnow, oyster catchers and other sea birds call.  The sights and sounds are wild and beautiful.
And then we cut back in to the wood.  There is a long string of concrete cubes, running along behind the beach.  They are anti-tank defences, cast in-situ during the last war.  Nowadays they look more like an art installation!
We passed amazing colour on the way back to the car.  Blue-green leeks, foxy brown bracken, elephant grey beech trees.  It was all just so good!


  1. Lovely walk, I can't believe how balmy it is either. There are plenty of people out still wearing t-shirts! I wonder if we're in for a colder winter....

    We saw some oyster catchers today on the Helford River, it was the first time I'd seen them outside a book so I was quite chuffed. I'm trying to improve on my spotting skills, and might look into volunteering with some local nature groups. Have a great week x

  2. Lovely to hear from you! Thank you. Hope your week is a good one too. A x