Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunny Sunday afternoon walk

Another lovely sunny February Sunday.  A good day for a walk, following the same route as a couple of weekends ago.  The same trees, the same rocks, the same sea - all the same component parts, but always seen differently.
Here, looking across to the surf rolling in on to the beach at Belhaven, and to Dunbar beyond.
There is a great place to sit on the small headland on this piece of coastline.  Today we sat and watched the waves building, out to sea, working their way towards the rocks where they crashed and threw their spume into the air.
Walking back from the beach, in the wood, there are the remains of old iron fencing and kissing gates, which would have been part of the Tyninghame estate.  I expect ladies and gentlemen, elegantly dressed would have strolled, or ridden, along these ways, passing through these gates.


  1. Great photos, they really zing and those enormous waves are amazing! It's been a fab weekend here too, lots of sunshine and felt quite warm too. We went for a clifftop walk past massive granite boulders and ivy clad ruins, the sunshine made us feel so elated. I reckon it's set us up for the week, have a good one too. Antonia x

  2. Thanks Antonia! Looks like we might a week of rather nice quiet weather - and hopefully lots of sunshine! Enjoy! A x