Saturday, 11 April 2015

Double whammy win!

Whoohoooo!  Oxford won the Boat Race today - twice!  Many congratulations to the ladies in particular.  Not sure why their race has been relegated to another time and another place for the last 88 years, but today was their day and it was great to see Oxford triumph so convincingly over Cambridge.  Likewise the chaps!  

I had a bit of a good vantage point, on the umpire's launch, to get this shot of the dark blues streaking ahead of the pale blues,
and then again from the helicopter to see Oxford on one side of Barnes Railway Bridge, and Cambridge lagging behind on the other!  
You can probably tell I am an Oxford supporter!  After all the hours I spent on the Thames riverbanks, trainers' launches, and hanging around boathouses when I was 18, endlessly waiting for a Oxford rower boyfriend, it is hardly surprising.  Oh, and my dad was an Oxford man, so it's in the blood anyway!  

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