Saturday, 18 April 2015

No better way to spend a sunny Saturday morning!

Another wonderful sunny morning, and there is no better thing to do than head for the beach!  

This is the last few yards of the path, through the sea buckthorn, which leads to the top of the dune.  I can already hear the sea, the waves breaking on the sand.
And here's the bit I love - reaching the top of the dune and having this wonderful view spread out before me!  It never fails to disappoint (I think I may have said that before, many posts ago!).
We exchanged a few words with these two - twin boys, aged about 13 I should think!  They were loving the beach, the waves, and the opportunity to paddle!
We walked on, around the headland, and back along the beach which looks across to Belhaven and Dunbar.
 The beach is shell central, thousands of little periwinkles,
and I think this may be the fossil of a tiny jellyfish in a red sandstone rock - only guessing!
 The fields of East Lothian are awash with tractors, carving deep furrows for potatoes.  Here's another!

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