Friday, 24 April 2015

Shipping Songs

I was in Edinburgh yesterday, so I missed 'Shipping Songs', broadcast on Radio 4 during the morning.  So I am listening to it now, on iPlayer.  The programme is inspired by the mysterious allure of the shipping forecast, and I would urge you to listen to it.  
I love the shipping forecast.  It is especially evocative, listening to it in bed, late at night.  I visualise the coastline, especially the waters around the Inner Hebrides, which I have travelled on a ferry a few times, and the raw beauty of the sea off the coast of Harris and Lewis.  And I always listen out for the forecast for Forth, which covers our part of the world.  The programme explores what it is that draws so many people, who are not sailors or fishermen, to listen to these broadcasts, for they have inspired poets, writers, composers.  I love the way it progresses all the way around our coastline, no part of United Kingdom is left out.  It emphasises the fact we are one island nation. 

Have a listen :  You won't be disappointed!

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