Friday, 24 June 2016

If all else fails

If all else fails, come and live in East Lothian.  It has everything a body could want, and it's a good place to be, in order to forget about London/Brussels/anywhere else that is bothering you.

There was a cracking view of the sunset in North Berwick last night.  The late pink sunlight enriched the red sandstone of our dinner destination, and then Tilly and I had a wander along the beach, and I took another photo of the Bass Rock at 10.15 pm, when the daylight was still good and strong.
At 4.30 this morning I set off with five others to walk up Meikle Says Law in the Lammermuirs, to count mountain hares.  At 532m it is the highest of the hills and certainly provides the distance and remoteness one needs the day after a ghastly referendum.  Not a soul in sight.  We spotted 40+ mountain hares, and the walk was certainly a good workout for moi!
Apart from seeing the hares, I was also happy to see a wild flower which is new to me.  I was told it was a mountain aven, Dryas octopetela, a member of the Rosacea family.  The flower I saw has only six petals, but as you can tell from the Latin name, normally there are eight.  The other thing about it, which makes me wonder if it is in fact a geum, is the leaf.  It differs from the wild flower book illustrations - so I must do some research!  I'll be back.

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  1. I have to say in all honesty I am glad I live in Australia....what an absolute debacle Brexit has caused. Sad times xx