Tuesday, 28 June 2016


I think it's time to introduce you to the newest member of our household.  Meet Ted, our almost 10 week old Border Terrier pup.  
He has an 'on' button, and an 'off' button.  He is highly entertaining with his puppy antics, very exhausting with his lack of house training, and completely blissful when he is asleep!  He has already developed the endearing habit of putting his head on my foot and falling asleep, whenever I stand still for two minutes - usually in the kitchen!
Tilly has been surprisingly tolerant, bearing in mind she is a grumpy nine year old terrier!  The cat is seriously unimpressed, but Ted has put many a smile on our faces since he moved in last week, and already we can't imagine life without him!

1 comment:

  1. Simply gorgeous. I am so glad he has brightened your lives. Nothing like 'puppy' love to make the world seem a brighter place.... xx