Tuesday, 21 June 2016

See green

Gentle stroll or 6 mile hike - well, actually, both.  Tilly and I had a bit of catching up to do, now that I am back from the book festival, so we spent the morning on one of our favourite walks.

We walked alongside this barley field, with a glimpse of the sea in the distance.
 Here we have a lovely jumble of barley and wild grasses.  The barley is just beginning to ripen.  No sign yet of the red-gold hue it will take on, as the summer goes by.
 Looking south towards the Lammermuirs
and north, across a field of peas and along Becky's Strip, to North Berwick Law.
And when we got home, look who was waiting for us!  The jay is now a frequent visitor to our peanut feeder.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful...very envious..looks lush and lovely xx