Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Just pondering

There cannot be many people in the UK who are not talking/debating/arguing/pondering the state of the nation, following the decision to leave the EU.  the running wave is not intended to be my soapbox.  Its mission is quite the opposite - more to find somewhere to relax and enjoy the good things around us.  But as we live in extraordinary times, I am going to indulge myself and have a little rant - because I can!

There seems little doubt that confusion reigns in the corridors of power, particularly in Westminster (and no doubt in the headquarters of England's football team today - nice one Iceland!).  You don't need to listen carefully to the news to get the gist of things.  No-one really seems to be in charge, at least no-one who should be in charge.  And it seems to me that not one of the political parties are in a position to put forward a single person, who would be able to walk the world's stage as a statesman, worthy of representing the UK.  I can't think of anyone at all.  What a complete shambles.  No longer Great Britain, more Laughing Stock Britain I suspect.

In Scotland the overwhelming majority of us voted to remain in the EU.  On the back of that, it seems we are going to be saddled with yet another independence referendum.  If Scotland becomes independent I will have a Scottish passport (although with an English mother, I will presumably have an English passport too), and keeping in mind our First Minister is in talks with Gibraltar, wanting to create an EU alliance, in this rather surreal world, do you think those of us living in Scotland could become some kind of hybrid nationality?  A Gibbish, or better still, a Gibberish?  It's a thought.

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