Wednesday, 10 May 2017

All good things come to an end!

We go home today.  For me, this has been the best holiday I have ever had.  Each day has been completely blissful.  The skies have been blue, the sun has shone from dawn till dusk.  There have been flowers at my feet, wherever I have walked, and I have walked in some very special places in excellent company and learnt so much about this extraordinary little island.  The Colonsay Book Festival, followed by the incomparable Spring Festival have both added a dimension to our visit that can really only be appreciated by being here.  I honestly could not have asked for more.  It has been just amazing.  So we will be back next year, for more!  

I have a multitude of photographs I would like to post on therunningwave.  They will have to wait until I can organise them a bit.  Until then, I think the photo below sums up the last fortnight on Colonsay quite nicely.


  1. Wahoo to a wonderful holiday! Well deserved xx

  2. This has truly been idyllic, hasn't it? A holiday in Paradise indeed - and your beautiful photos and descriptions have brought the beauty of Colonsay to all who read your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos but it's such a pity that there's still no 'button to press' so that many more people can Follow you.