Thursday, 4 May 2017

Pretty in pink

I saw pink purslane, Claytonia sibirica, for the first time on Colonsay.  A few years ago we came here for a week's holiday, which coincided with the island's Spring Festival, held every May.  I spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in a foraging session.  We rummaged about amongst rocks and under seaweed for mussels, and in the woods close to Colonsay House, sought out wild garlic (to make wild garlic pesto), nettles (for soup), and pink purslane, using the pretty little flowers to strew across a salad, together with primroses and violets.  

1 comment:

  1. See, I would probably poison myself. I can distinguish wild garlic leaves from those of Lily of the Vally and I think I can identify nettles easily enough, but I thought those pretty pink flowers were geraniums, just like the ones in my garden. I never dare pick mushrooms, either and stick to the labelled ones in Tesco's.
    I am loving your photos of Colonsay though; I wish it wasn't so far away as a holiday there sounds absolutely idyllic.