Sunday, 7 May 2017

Two firsts for me

I have been enjoying some blissful walks during this holiday  A couple of days ago my cousin and I wandered along the beaches at Plaide Mhor.  Apart from watching seals playing in the sea, and sunning themselves on the rocks a little way out from the shore, I found a few tiny shells I have never seen before.  They are as light as a feather, extremely delicate, and sport some amazing electric blue markings.  The blue-rayed limpet.
This morning the dogs and I had a walk and I came across this little chap.  A lesser redpoll. Never seen one before, and I emailed a friend who knows about these things, and he thinks it is a lesser redpoll, rather than a common redpoll.  A lovely little bird, with a big singing voice!


  1. What a lovely photo, it's so impressive to see a bird like that up close. I've never seen those limet shells before, it looks like you've been handy with a paint brush! x