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Sweetly pretty vases on Monday

The other day, out of the blue, I remembered that my mother used to describe some things as "sweetly pretty".  To be honest I think when she said it she actually thought the subject matter was just a bit too sugary!  Well, there is nothing sugary about my little vases today, but I do think they are sweetly pretty!

I have had two large rose geranium plants sitting in the kitchen since last November, to protect them from the frosts.  They continued to grow through the winter months, becoming spindly and pale.  I have finally cut them back and put the two big pots outside, swathed in garden grade bubble wrap, in the hope they can cope with the remaining chill of winter (and there's snow on the Pentland Hills this morning!)  But I can't bring myself to discard the prunings, so sitting behind my two tiny vases today, there is one of the pots of cuttings!
The middle vase has a sprig each of wild redcurrant and wild plum, and then the little sweetie in the front is one of the primrose flowers I found lying in the middle of the lawn, having been whipped off the plant by the weekend's ferocious wind.


  1. With the rose geranium cuttings, your arrangement of vases must smell as sweetly pretty as they look!

  2. You may well have a cutting and therefore a plant in waiting....the pictures show the details of the leaves and blooms beautifully.

    1. Actually I am knee deep in cuttings! I took some back in November, just in case, and they have all taken, so in all I probably have about a dozen plans of varying sizes! A

  3. I love the scented geraniums (and count myself lucky that I don't have to over-winter them indoors). The wild currant and plum flowers are beautiful.

  4. It's all very pretty and lovely to have in this dreadful weather. Your prunings will probably root and then you'll have more of that lovely plant. I've just bought one and it's doing well. I thought it would be a good one for bouquets. (Actually, I'd be happy to pay postage if you felt like posting the prunings down here. I just read your comment above). I see that you live near the Pentland Hills. My family come from Edinburgh and I lived in the area for two years but I've spent most of my life in Somerset. I miss it but it's so far away.

    1. PS to my last reply! If you want to send me your address I will not publish your message so your address remains private. A

  5. I would be very happy to send you some pruning Alison! I would love them to go to a good home and have a chance in life! I have found that rose geranium is a ridiculously robust plant but I am still paranoid about losing them as it took me a long time to find a real rose geranium as opposed to some other scented version. Pineapple, mint or whatever! Rose beats them all for me! Are you a florist? If you let me know where to send them I will pop a good selection into the post - with pleasure! Amanda


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