Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Aboriginal art

One day last week we 'did' Federation Square in Melbourne.  It's a sort of piazza which houses all sorts of things - an excellent tourist information centre, design shops, restaurants and bars, various galleries which are attached to the National Galleries of Victoria, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, the Ian Potter Centre and so on.  There is a big open expanse where people meet and mooch about and occasional markets are held.  If you feel like it you can just sit and watch an enormous screen which shows sporting events - 
and they even provide a deckchair to sit in!
There were various galleries to look round but the one we were drawn to most was exhibiting Aboriginal art.  I know absolutely nothing about this extraordinarily vibrant form of artwork so I am not going to try and write about it here, but these are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition.
This was my favourite painting, Puntawarri by Dadda Samson.  
Here are a couple of details from the painting.  The colour is just luscious.  I love it!
You have probably gathered that the paintings tell a story.  The exhibition had a short video showing an Aboriginal man painting and telling his story as he illustrated his picture with thick gloopy paint.  

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  1. Those paintings are so full of life. My Friend in New Zealand (now my Friend in Transit again), who knows Melbourne well - she says that it is like Cape Town without the mountain - was telling me at the weekend about its wonderful aboriginal art. I can now see why she loved it so much.