Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Our first Australian sunrise which greeted us as we arrived here early this morning!  This photo is taken through the car window with my son's iPhone, because the battery in my own camera decided to give up the ghost in an untimely fashion!  It's not a great photo but the colours were amazing.

We had an excellent journey.  20 hours flying and we arrived on the dot.  We had to comment that it seems pretty crazy that the time keeping was really rather more impressive than a train journey from London to Edinburgh on a good day!

We sped on, crossing from Tullamarine Airport on one side of Melbourne to Armadale on the opposite side of the city.  Another iPhone photo snapped an early morning downtown Melbourne from the Bolte Bridge.  We are looking forward to our first excursion into the city - it's only a tram ride from here.

We've had a lovely family reunion and have finally met our new granddaughter and I've been able to hold her at last!  She is absolutely adorable, like a little tiny doll.  It's a happy prospect to know that I have two months to spend with her and her ma and pa!

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  1. Fab photos. How exciting to have 2 months to explore , and be with your granddaughter too. How old is she? I hope we might have a photo of her soon?