Sunday, 6 May 2012


One of my grandsons used to call my dog Tilly Tiptoes when he was very young!  Leaving herself for 2 months has been a really hard thing to do!  We couldn't explain to her that we would be back, and she is such a loyal little dog. Well, smallish size-wise, big on character and ego!  This weekend she has been rocking around the Roman walls of York with my youngest son, taking absolutely no notice of the 'no dogs allowed' signs apparently. Border Terriers are pretty much a law unto themselves so it doesn't surprise me!  Mr Gaucho read an article about Border Terriers once which said that you never really own a Border Terrier, it's a 50/50 partnership!  I think I can concur with that!  Anyhow, I really miss the little mutt.  Here she is in all her glory!
Tilly in reflective mood
This is the first view you get of our most favourite place to walk.  You walk up one side of the dunes and the beach stretches across in front of you.  It's always magnificent and I always stop to take in the view.  My eldest grandson and I are just sitting here for a few moments before setting off along the beach.  Can't see Tilly anywhere so obviously she is not wasting any more time!
And in the spirit of the running wave -
It was a good walk.  Sleep well Tills.

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  1. She certainly is a law unto herself! She is fine but certainly missing you!!! x