Friday, 4 May 2012

Feeling peckish?

We visited the Queen Victoria Market in downtown Melbourne today.  What an amazing market!  If you weren't feeling hungry just now, you soon will be!  Feast your eyes on this lot!

I love markets!  I even enjoy supermarkets in other countries, probably because I love to cook and ingredients are always an attraction.  Apart from Farmers' Markets we don't have markets in Scotland which is a great disappointment to me!  Visiting Queen Victoria Market today rather heightened that sense of deprivation because although Scotland offers some of the best of British ingredients - wonderful fish, fresh and smoked, shellfish, venison, beef, grouse and other game, the best raspberries in the world, vegetables, cheeses, heather honey, the list goes on and on, we don't sell these things in a covered market such as we saw today.  The weather can't be the issue, the culture just isn't there - I don't understand it.  Anyway, food markets are a novelty for us and we certainly loved this one!  

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