Sunday, 4 January 2015

Food - of course!

Needless to say, we have enjoyed lots of food during the trip.  Wedding food, Christmas food, cafe breakfasts, Melbourne coffee, companionable meals with friends and relations.  In a city where fabulous ingredients abound, there's always going to be food to eat and feast the eyes upon!

The legendary Hopetoun Tea Rooms - passersby just stand and ogle at the cake display in the window (yours truly included), others queue patiently for a table.  Another trip and I still haven't been there!  Next time.
This photo is for one of my grandsons who has a particular love of Nutella!  I was tempted to bring him one of these 5 kg jars, but common sense prevailed.  Sorry boyo!
South Melbourne Market is one of my most favourite places in this great city.  We've had them before, but I had to sample another of the legendary South Melbourne Market Dim Sims, from a small food outlet down one side of the market.  It operates a sort of immigration style control system for the queue.  There is a broad yellow line painted on the ground, to hold back the crowds and keep the pavement free, and then an arrow to point you in the right direction.  The queues are long and eager for the wares from this place, which has been handing over brown paper bags with piping hot dim sims since 1949.
 We had great Christmas food, and of course so did Rudolph and Father Christmas.
An Aussie Christmas would not have been complete without a pavlova!  Yum!
My new daughter-in-law is a chef, and this household is very interested in food of all sorts, so there are lots of cookery books, magazine and recipes to read.  I thought this one sounded quite nice and easy.  I will give it a whirl when I get home.
Lastly, I don't think you will have seen a bowl of muesli looking like this!  Apparently it was extremely good, and those clear coloured cubes are elderflower jelly, which were unexpected, but delicious.  I tried one!


  1. Sigh, my kind of place. I'm drooling over all those lovely cakes....

  2. Not surprisingly I find I have put on weight during this trip. Groan - time to start behaving again! x