Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Last day of the hols

Monday, 5 January 2015 and time to go home.  The six weeks have flown by.  We have covered quite a bit of ground, blessed by lovely early summer weather.  We have spent precious weeks with our son in Melbourne, seen him happily married to his lovely lady, with his little daughter looking on, merrily swinging her basket of flowers. We've enjoyed an Aussie Christmas, a great New Year celebration, and caught up with family and friends, all since we arrived at the end of November.  

We spent our last morning in Melbourne wandering around the Botanical gardens.  I had thought they would be more colourful, it is summertime after all!  However, surprisingly, the colours weren't there, except for the cannas, but the gardens were peaceful, the sun was shining and the air, cool. Very enjoyable.
These photos are not great - I was using my old camera and it's not behaving that well.  But they recorded the day, so that's fine with me!
This young lady was seizing the day, lying in the sun on the banks of the Yarra River!  I only took this photo because initially I couldn't see where the tattoo started and the waistband finished!
And so the sun goes down on another holiday in Australia!  Time for the long journey home.


  1. Hope your journey goes well, it's been lovely to share a bit of an Aussie summer. Antonia x

  2. Safely back now! It's always good to get home, although hard to leave family behind :o( the downside of not being able to be in two places at once! Just beginning to explore what's been going on in the garden while I've been away. First impressions are that there has been a lot of undercover work taking place, courtesy of Mr Mole! x