Thursday, 8 January 2015

New year, new life

The girls, Tilly and Bo, my daughter's dog, and I have just had our first walk of the year.  It's raining now but earlier the sky was a very pale blue and the sun shone, weakly, but with resolve, so we had a wander down the drive and along a short section of the John Muir Way.  Not far, the wind was cold, and I knew, from a telephone conversation with a friend in Edinburgh, that deteriorating weather was on its way.  We got home just in time. It's all changed now!

I am always on the lookout for new life.  It's one of the joys of having very clearly defined seasons, in this part of the world.  Plants are a key indicator of that passage from one season to the next. Today there was virtually nothing on our walk that warranted a photograph, except for a lovely spread of young, soft floppy-leaved foxglove plants in the wood.  
A happy sign that life is doing what it does best - asserting itself.


  1. You won't believe it but we've got the first daffodils here in Cornwall! I always associate them with Spring i.e. March/ April and I wasn't sure whether to buy them now or wait but I'm so glad I didn't. They really help to brighten up the kitchen on a dull day (btw you can order them by post too).

    Now I'm going to break all the 'rules' and have any Spring plant going (I'm waiting on the Muscari to flower). I reckon you'll soon be spotting hints in your neck of the woods, Antonia x

  2. Still haven't really ventured out into the garden since we got home! We had the worst night of weather ever last night with hurricane force winds, driving rain, lightening and the roar of wind through the woods was so loud I couldn't even hear the thunder! And the power went off, probably around 1 am, and came back on again an hour ago, just after 4pm! So I have done nothing today except read - very decadent! Have a good weekend, and enjoy your daffodils! A x