Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Just a couple of things

Since we got back from Australia I have driven past a field of swans, several times.  There are over 100 of them.  Mostly they are Whooper swans, on a winter holiday from Iceland, with a few mute swans mixed in.  They are quite an impressive sight!
They have been feeding on the same junior rapeseed field for several weeks now.  The above photo doesn't look very sharp - the wind was buffeting so probably jogged my freezing cold hand! In the background today, North Berwick Law sat in the sunshine, with everything else under cold grey cloud, and the occasional passing snow shower.  Apparently there is proper snow to come tonight. Fingers crossed!
I do love the late afternoon skies, at this time of year.  The sun comes out as an afterthought, just before sunset, and the colours are glorious!


  1. What a great sight! Have you had any snow yet? We live in hope down here in Cornwall but so far only sleet....Antonia x

  2. Morning Antonia! I have, just this second, posted about our lack of snow today! Hope you get some - the children will love it! A x