Wednesday, 21 January 2015

In honour of the red cabbage!

I have to admit that I have become mildly obsessed by the red cabbage field up the road.  It has captivated me ever since I noticed its lavender coloured haze towards the end of last summer. I have posted several photos of it already, over the months, but as it is now in its death throes, accelerated by a combination of harvesting and frosty weather, I just want to record it here one last time.
I have never been so aware of how light, and in particular sunlight, can affect the colour of a natural object.  This field has displayed a multitude colours ranging through every shade and tone of lavender, purple, grey, navy blue, changing from one minute to the next as the sunlight has swept across the plants, and then gone again, hidden by cloud.  It has been a real joy to observe.
And this morning, with the colours dulled by the frost, I took most of the photos shown above, and then did a spot of gleaning before walking home.  This little chap should round the red cabbage experience off nicely, served this evening, alongside a local pheasant!
PS : It is now early February and, from a distance, the red cabbage field is now a very dark grey.  Today 8 February, there was a row of seagulls strung out along the edge of the field.


  1. I love the form of the cabbages you've captured as well as the light, they really make for the most beautiful artful objects. Who knew vegetables could be so fab? Antonia x

  2. Couldn't agree more! Vegetables are beautiful - think of the multitude of colours they come in! Cabbages are probably the most intricate and fabulous! Think of the lovely Savoy cabbage, with all its frilly bits! And cavolo nero - that wonderful dark blue-green leaf! I love it! The little red cabbage in the photo tasted very good with pot-roasted pheasants last night! The owner of the local shoot handed in the two birds - trying to placate us because we object so strongly to his extremely unpleasant gamekeepers! We enjoyed the meal, but still dislike the gamekeepers!! Have a good weekend when it comes! A x

  3. Thanks! In fact now I think about it you can buy ornamental cabbages so it looks like you're right on trend ;-) x