Thursday, 14 January 2016

A very bracing jaunt!

This must be a bit of a record - my third post of the day!  But the sun has been shining, and that has gladdened the heart and sharpened the eye, keen to take advantage of the light, and clear blue sky.

At lunchtime, Mr Gaucho and I, plus Tilly of course, went to North Berwick for our customary bowl of soup (for me), and flat white with a wedge of granola bar (for Mr G) at our favourite cafe, Steam Punk.  It's a wonderful Melbourne-style cafe, with excellent coffee, good food and a buzzy atmosphere - we love it.  And they welcome dogs, so Tilly loves it too.
After lunch we walked down to the west beach, where the sun, sitting low in the sky, was catching the surf as the waves broke and ran over the sand.
With a brisk wind blowing, and welcome winter sunshine, who could resist hanging out the washing today - especially on this line, which must be the most photographed in the world!  
By the time we had walked along the east beach and back to the car, our cheeks were cold and rosy from the bracing wind.  It was very good to get out into the sunshine again.

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  1. I love the photo of the on the edge. How wonderful to be those tea towels...flapping and flying on a sea breeze! ;-)