Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday walk

A strange light appeared in the sky this afternoon, and it brightened things up so much that Tilly and I decided to go for a good walk.  

The wind is a lot warmer today than of late.  Winter has slipped away - again.  But the combination of sunshine and a light wind on my face was really very uplifting.  The walk was taken to another level when I spied the first snowdrops I have seen this year.  We have a lot growing in the wood around us, but I haven't even seen any shoots from those yet.  However, less than a mile away we saw these.
Annoyingly I picked up my old camera before I left the house, so the focus on these two photos is not good.  The buzzard was sitting, with a superior air, in a tree on the other side of our boundary, and I couldn't resist taking a snap;  it just about picks up the glint in his eye.  Then he lifted off and languidly flew through the wood to another branch.

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