Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year
the running wave
and the first new flower of 2016 
in the garden today!


  1. Looking forward to more blogs during this year! Health and happiness xx

  2. Brilliant zesty colours, we've got hints of primrose and daffodil down here but I have a feeling that we'll get a frosty surprise soon x

  3. The daffodils are pushing through the grass here! Haven't looked for the shoots of snowdrops yet, but I bet they are there! It's all a bit mad, in early January, but nevertheless a happy reminder that there are good things to come in 2016, however the rest of the world is behaving! What would we do without Mother Nature, nurturing! Have a good 2016, and thank you again for your constant support of the blog - much appreciated. Love A x

  4. You're welcome, reading your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures always brightens my day! It also reminds me to slow down and enjoy the stunning scenery we have down here too. We had a day of sun today the first for ages and found a new path through the woods with the kids getting covered in mud and a damp squib of a fire on the beach. It was a lovely way to end the holidays and everything shone, I even spotted my first snowdrops. Have a great week, Antonia x

    1. Hooray for the snowdrops! Can't wait to see them here in the wood. Every year there seem to be more - just love them! A x