Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tuesday walk

In three weeks I am leading a walking group walk.  We will start from the house and the route I have worked out should take two hours.  I thought that I would check it all out again today, to see how the paths have fared after so much rain.  To say it was muddy and heavy going would be an understatement, but it took Tilly and me exactly two hours and five minutes, including Tilly's endless pauses to sniff bits of grass and twigs.

The focus of the walk will be wonderful views.  At the start they will be to the south, to the Lammermuirs.  Today it was misty and the hills were barely visible.  I am really hoping that on 11 February they will be sitting under clear blue skies!!
On the way home we passed a lovely sprinkling of yellow aconites, one of the first flowers to come out in the new year.  A promise of good things to come.


  1. Good luck with your walk. I am sure it will be a great success...the walks in your neck of the woods are just lovely. Enjoy x

    1. Thanks Sally. The walk was very muddy indeed! Hopefully it will have dried out a bit by then. We have had so much rain - far more than usual, and it is still dank and grey. Yuk!! Love to all! A x

  2. Thanks A, does sound rather dreary but blissful. I actually long for cold..it has been just revoltingly hot here. Cooler today so I am out doing stuff. Love to you xx