Thursday, 14 January 2016

Soggy and boggy

Mr Gaucho gave Tilly and me a lift into the village this morning, and we had a muddy and extremely boggy walk home!  An icy wind hit us as we reached the crest of the hill to the north of the village.  Snow had fallen overnight on the Lammermuirs, and the Garleton Hills to the west. Sadly it didn't reach us!

Along one section of the walk, the path follows the course one of the burns, which snake their way through the landscape here.  Normally the water runs about four or five feet below the level of the fields and pathway, but at the moment, after weeks of rain, the water is running along at the same level as the path, and in one place, higher than the path!  We had to pick our way through mud and flood, jumping from one big tuft of grass to another, to keep above water level.  

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