Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A visit to the museum

My Edinburgh grandchildren were on holiday yesterday, so I went into town early in the morning to take over from their mum before she headed off to work.  My plan was to take them to the Museum of Scotland, to do some drawing.  Tearing these children away from any kind of screen is a challenge, but to my delight, they were up for it, and off we went, via Princes Street gardens for a picnic lunch, and then to touch base with Greyfriars Bobby, before crossing the road to the Museum.
We picked up a folded seat each, and then headed for the stuffed animals.  The youngest boy got waylaid by the jawbone of a huge whale, and he just sat down and got on with his drawing.
And his siblings followed suit, starting with a camel, an arctic fox and a kangaroo.  They were engaged with what they were doing, and I felt very proud of them.  They enjoyed themselves too, which was the main thing.
They did three drawings apiece, before we headed for home where the eldest and youngest boys resumed their usual behaviour of locking horns!  The museum was a productive and peaceful interlude.  I think we will do that again!

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  1. Well done on getting the children to abandon their screens; how lovely to see them quietly sitting and drawing in the museum. I would have been so proud of them.