Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Young and lovely

Tilly and I saw our first swallows today!  Hooray - that means summer is on its way.  They swooped and twirled around each other, up into the air, down and around.  They were obviously delighted to be back, after their long sojourn south.

With a clear blue sky and sunshine warming our backs, we set off for a lunchtime walk.  Everything was fresh and green, young, fluffy and new.  Perfick, as Pop Larkin would say!

PS, a day or two later, and today I came across this ENORMOUS family of greylag geese.  Mum and Dad with their 13 little ones!


  1. Yes, isn't it great to see the trees greening up at last. I'm at the opposite end of the country from you, but even here in Cornwall our Spring has been delayed due to the wet and cold weather we have had, seemingly for ever! I was looking at photos of my garden that I took last year and realised how far behind the flowers are this year.
    Lovely photos of the Greylag Geese family - and what a big tribe!

    1. I'm thinking that we may have to re-name May blossom, June blossom this year! The buds are tight tight shut along the hedgerows here. I did see a little bit in bloom in the centre of Edinburgh today, but otherwise its not happening yet!! Still, at least we still have it to look forward to! Have a good weekend. A

  2. Norman Thelwell would have been thrilled with that little pony..he is very cute. The blossom looks stunning and wow that blue sky is well.....very blue. Enjoy it all xxx