Sunday, 8 May 2016

Haar haar

The temperatures have warmed up a bit during the course of the weekend, which has been a very welcome turn of events!  The weather forecast today predicted 27C for London, and even 24C for Glasgow.  However I anticipated that here on the east coast we may still have had the remains of yesterday's haar (sea fog, in these parts) which does tend to linger.  But the sun is getting stronger every day, and by lunchtime the palest of blue skies could be seen above, and we set off for a walk on the beach.
We crested the top of the dune.  This is one of my most favourite coastal views.  It never fails to disappoint, and today it was magical, with an ethereal mist blowing in off the sea.  As we walked along the beach, other walkers and their dogs loomed out of the mist ahead of us.  Out at sea, just beyond the waves, the gannets gathered over a shoal of fish, and the magnificent birds did their high speed, arrow dives into the water to spear of spot of lunch.
I would not have been surprised if a ghostly, headless horseman had emerged from the mist, and galloped straight through us! 

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  1. The beaches up there are spectacular. They really could give the perceived 'exotic' places of the world a run for their money....
    truly beautiful xx