Saturday, 28 May 2016

Saturday morning treats

Tilly and I took a fairly short walk this morning.  The haar of the last two days had finally lifted and the sun was doing its best to burn off the cloud cover.  

Every field had a hare or two in it.  Across a distant field I could see a hare busily running around, possibly a doe visiting her leverets which she will have positioned at a distance from each other, to reduce the risk of a predator wiping her young out in one swoop.  
I stood watching two hares loping around a small paddock.  One came out on to the driveway, and unaware of Tilly and me, it started to come towards us. Tilly kept stock-still. The hare suddenly realised we were only several yards apart and stopped, had a little think, turned round and retraced its steps before stopping by the road for a minute or two.  
We carried on, passing a patch of coltsfoot which are now showing their seedheads.  On the way home I saw more hares and a group of deer, quietly grazing on the edge of the wood.  I tried to think of the best word I can use to describe what I feel when I see a hare.  They are a particular passion of mine and having sifted through a number of words in my head, considering the emotion each conveyed to me, I decided in the end that the word 'joy' covers it perfectly!  Pure and simple joy.

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