Thursday, 18 August 2016

A river walk, and a castle

We have had some beautiful sunny weather this week, so Mr Gaucho and I have been out and about a bit, enjoying some of the joys of the Scottish Borders.  

Born in the Borders, near Jedburgh, is a place I have wanted to visit for a couple of years,   In old farm buildings it has its own brewery, a cafe with extremely good cake, and a shop selling local foodstuffs and other nice things.   Across a field there is a grassy walk along the banks of the River Teviot.  Across the field a family of ospreys were calling, and ahead of us children were clutching some fishing nets, heading towards a shallow part of the river, to do a spot of minnow hunting.  Just what children should be doing in the summer holidays.
We took a walk along the river bank.  Ted had his first paddle/almost swim in the peaty waters, and I fancy there was a smattering of autumn colour appearing in the trees and plants.  In the hot sunshine, it was a very enjoyable interlude.
On the way home we came to a screeching halt, having spied Hume Castle, high on a hill ahead of us.  This is Boys Own castle stuff and I couldn't resist getting a bit closer.  Well, a lot closer actually.  We found our way up the hill, and I climbed up and into the castle, to stand next to it's flagpole.  There is a perfect 360 degrees view from up there.  Perfect for keeping out the marauding English - although they did manage to breach the castle's defences three times.  The English border is not that far away.  The Duke of Somerset captured the castle in 1547. It was taken again by the Earl of Sussex in 1569, and 1651, on behalf of Oliver Cromwell, a hooligan called Colonel Fenwick burnt and reduced the castle to a ruin.  Anyway, it's looking pretty good for all the death and destruction that has taken place within its castellated walls. The watchmen now are sheep, and they seem quite happy to allow visitors to wander about, and take in the breathtaking views, to the Cheviots to the south, and all points north, east and west.

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