Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A very respectable substitute!

If I can't have a shepherd's hut, then I'd like one of these please!
When our three children were small, and in the case of the youngest, I mean really small - Moses basket sized, we used to rock around in a 2CV.  The basket would be wedged in on the floor, behind the front seats!  Can you imagine that nowadays, with Health and Safety issues at every turn.  We started off with a pale sea green coloured one, then a red and grey Dolly, and lastly a very sophisticated maroon and black Charleston.  Brilliant little cars.  The best bit, apart from being able to roll the roof back like a sardine can, to let the sun and fresh air in, was removing the whole back seat of the car, complete with children's car seats.  We could have very civilised picnics this way.  Each small child was strapped into their seat, while we fed them their lunch, and then they could be released to run wild until it was time to go home.  Ah, the simple life!  No sat nav, no mobiles, no in-car entertainment, just fun motoring and a road map.  Perfect.


  1. I remember the 2CV's - they were very well known around town! As was the long Citroen model J drove!
    Love the photo of the vehicle above! Looks like fun! x

    1. Ah, the Citroen Safari - I LOVED that car! All the children, all their friends, bikes, endless stuff, piled in the back and always room for more.