Thursday, 4 August 2016

Party boy!

Not only did Ted enjoy his first walk in the outside world yesterday, but he attended his first social engagement.  A puppy party, held at the vet's.  And engage he did!  There were just four puppies. Three boys and a girl.  The boys - a black Labrador, a Border Collie, and Ted.  The young lady, a long haired dachshund, so sweet and pretty, who hid under a chair for the duration, looking out with soulful big brown eyes, too timid to join in.  

The boys dived straight in.  They had a whale of a time, mostly spent underneath a desk, in a tumble of fur, wagging tails and good-natured teeth!  Ted was completely undeterred by the two bigger boys - twice his size.  He had an absolute blast, and is now counting the hours until next Wednesday evening's puppy party!


  1. What fun! But on the serious side - I wish every new puppy owner would take their dog to a puppy party or a puppy training class so that they could socialize with other dogs. It's essential if you want a dog that isn't aggressive when it meets other dogs later in life.

  2. Excellent - just what puppies should be doing!

  3. Lucky Ted! Social engagements already! x