Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014

Today's date is one which clangs painfully in my head every time it comes round.  It's one of those anniversary dates you can do without, because it is there for all the wrong reasons.  23 August 1988 my brother and I lost our beloved sister, Lucy, in a car crash on the A30 near Bodmin, in Cornwall.  So this morning I went for a walk with the dog, blackberrying, because I know that Lucy would have enjoyed that.  We found loads, and had a peaceful time trawling along the hedgerow, in the sunshine, collecting luscious berries, which are now cooking gently on the stove. 

We walked across one of the fields bordering the chestnut tree avenue, at the start of the drive.
 Between the trees I could glimpse North Berwick law.
A couple of fields away there were lots of bramble bushes, basking in the late August sunshine, with plenty of berries waiting to be picked.
Bombus lapidarius, the red tailed bumblebee, who was also enjoying the hedgerow and the knapweed in particular.
Blackberry and apple crumble coming up for supper this evening.  Yum!

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