Sunday, 10 August 2014

A very good weekend

We have had a thoroughly enjoyable and happy weekend with our young guests from down south. We haven't seen them since their wedding last November and now Mrs K is sporting a very promising bump, who will make an appearance in October.  Exciting times!

There are such wonderful beaches nearby that it is almost compulsory that visitors have to take a walk along at least one of them.  We went to Ravensheugh Beach on Friday.  The tide was coming in, and we were there just in time to scamper round a small outcrop of rock, before the waves cut the beach in half, so we were able to continue on a circular walk, which I think is so much more satisfying than going there and back.

My favourite view.
One of our number had run to the beach from home.  It's a good cross country run, along trails through the woods and finally along the beach, and on Friday, into the water!  It was cold, but refreshing with a good tingle afterwards!
Walking back through the wood we passed a wasps nest, hanging daintily, but attached firmly to a spindly branch of beech.  I don't like wasps but have to admire their construction skills.
Saturday's highlight was an unexpected flypast by the Red Arrows.  Bonus!!  I went out on to the terrace to while away a few minutes while cooking the supper.  I could hear a very loud approaching plane, looked up and, quite low, from behind the trees, the Red Arrows emerged, the late evening sun shining on their red undersides.  The nine aircraft flew overhead in a five and four formation.  Goose bumps again!  

Today, Sunday, we have been enjoying the rain donated by ex-hurricane Bertha.  The farmers must be pleased.  However, there are still cereal crops which haven't been harvested yet, and I'm afraid that the winds, which are forecast for tomorrow, will flatten them, which the farmers will not be so pleased about!

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