Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Oh my, o wing-ed one!

This evening we have been to the opening of Kittie Jones' latest exhibition, O Wing-ed One! (http://kittiejones.com).  She was showing her delightful work with two other artists, both friends from art school days.  The exhibition is hung in Thomson's Tower, a beautiful, quirky little building in the south east corner of Dr Neil's Garden, in Duddingston, on the edge of Edinburgh.

In the early 19th century the Duddingston Curling Society used the tower as a sort of club house, when the loch froze over in winter.  It's a building with an idyllic, peaceful position on the edge of the loch and an interesting history you can read about here - (http://www.drneilsgarden.co.uk/history2.html)
This place is typical of Edinburgh.  It is one of many peaceful, countrified spots which are still within the city boundaries.  Dr Neil's Garden is 3 miles from Edinburgh Castle and as we walked through the garden I couldn't help reflecting on the very close proximity of the madness, better known as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, going on just up the road!  I know where I would rather have been - and I was right there!

A family of swans, with six cygnets, were also enjoying the tranquility of Duddingston Loch,
and presiding over Duddingston village and the loch is Arthur's Seat.  This is the south eastern corner of one of Edinburgh's most famous landmarks.
When we left the exhibition we had a wander around the garden, which has all sorts of interesting corners to discover.
The garden is a festival venue.  When we arrived a rehearsal for 'Mary Stewart' was taking place.  By the time we left it was raining, and the cast was running for cover.
It was a very enjoyable and cultural evening!

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  1. Amanda! Thank you for coming on Tuesday night, it was lovely to see you both and what a beautiful posie of sweet peas and colourful beans! It was much admired on the evening and the sweet peas have been brightening my kitchen for the last couple of days. The beans were delicious too! Love reading your posts...