Friday, 8 August 2014

"Unrestrained silliness"

I went into Edinburgh yesterday afternoon.  I was joining friends for a performance of Michael Morpurgo's 'Private Peaceful'.  The Royal Mile was a hive of festival activity, with the customary amount "unrestrained silliness" going on all over the place!  
The photograph below illustrates perfectly why I love Edinburgh so much.  You can always see out and beyond the city.  From the top of the Royal Mile you can look across the sea to the beaches of East Lothian.  
I thought the quote below more or less sums up the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  It is meant fondly of course!
Private Peaceful was played by Andy Daniel.  He gave a compelling performance and the audience were with him every step of the way as he looked back on his childhood, the principal characters who featured in his young life, and then faced his ultimate fate, during the First World War.  Andy Daniel was quite brilliant in a soliloquy which lasted over an hour.  That's a lot of words to commit to memory!
 Back on the Royal Mile the madness continued
 and displays of skill, which always draw a crowd.
And later, back to the peace of the wood, and a wonderful moon glimpsed through the trees during dinner.

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