Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Happy days!

My UK grandchildren (I have to differentiate there because of my little Aussie princess, who is never far from my mind) have just under a week left of their summer holiday.  They start at a new school in Edinburgh next Wednesday and they have had a wizard time over the past few weeks. Lots of sunshine, plenty of fun activities and so now, during the last few days, it is quite difficult to find different things to do which don't appear to be dull!

To my mind, being a child of the 1950s, there was no better thing to do at the end of summer, than to go blackberrying.  So that's what we did today.  It's early days for the berries, but we walked from home this afternoon and found enough to make my oldest grandson's favourite pudding.  It's a sweet pastry round with berries in the middle.  In early summer I make it with wild raspberries from the wood, or mincemeat and apple (which is the original Good Housekeeping recipe) but today we used the blackberries and a grated Golden Delicious apple.  I made a double quantity, and there's only half left.  Grandson Numero Uno had three helpings.
Happy days!

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