Friday, 22 August 2014

Purple haze!

The mob had the dentist this morning and as there are four of them, it took a while.  However, they all passed muster, which is a relief, after all the cajoling to clean teeth and drink water instead of juice.  So, well done boys and girl!

Six monthly dental check up completed, we headed for the hills.  The heather is in full bloom at the moment, and when I refer to purple haze, above, I do not mean a psychedelic Jimi Hendrix-type tinge to the landscape, I mean acres of soft purple, stretching away as far as the eye can see.  
These are the colours of Scotland, the inspiration for Harris tweeds and for a short, but glorious few weeks, the ling and the bell heather work together, inviting the bees to produce the best honey in the world.
The green slope in the foreground of the photo below is holding back a flooded valley, Hopes Reservoir.  We walked to the top of the grass, where we sat and had a picnic lunch, the purple hills folding in around us.
There is a significant number of juniper bushes on these hills.  
It's good to see them there because juniper is a plant under threat.  Plantlife explain the problem here :
I could see quite a lot of new berries on a few bushes, but they were not bountiful.  
On the way home we drove past Traprain Law.  This is how it looks from the south side.  The view we usually see is it's north face, with the distinctive, large chunk missing from quarrying which took place for a number of years, beginning in 1938.  The south side, thankfully, remains intact.

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