Tuesday, 6 October 2015

50 shades of orange

This is just for fun, and in celebration of orange!


  1. Crikey me, didnt know there was so much that is orange. What a brilliant idea for a post...photos are beautiful and does credit to a colour that I have to be truthful is not my favourite. It has just earned a small amount more favour!!!
    Any Dutch readers of your blog would welcome it..you are certainly flying the flag of the Netherlands. xx

  2. I wouldn't say orange was my favourite colour either - although it is Charlie's! I just think that it is a great colour that really sings by itself, or particularly when set again other bright colour - pinks, purples, and particularly, of course, its complimentary colour, blue. Think of all the other colours I can do posts on now! :o) xx

  3. I totally agree..it is a colour that stands alone...and nothing rhymes with it either.
    Colour blog posts...great idea! Bring it on......xx

  4. Such a good idea it must have taken you ages to find all of these. Orange is such a stimulating colour I love to look at it, great for getting the mind to be creative! x