Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saturday walk

Tilly has a new lead to test, and I am still wearing in my new boots, so it was important to have a walk this afternoon.  Mr Gaucho dropped us off, just south of North Berwick, and we walked home.  
But first, I must mention this  Saturday Classics was being broadcast on Radio 3, with Radio 4's investigative journalist, Shari Vahl, choosing music inspired by her fascination with birds.  It's a glorious programme, so try and find it on iPlayer and enjoy her delicious selection of music, with the additional bonus of the sound of birdsong.  As I got out of the car, Ralph Vaughan Williams' Lark Ascending was just finishing.  As we walked along the open farm track, the lark was indeed ascending!  I was quite surprised to hear them because there was a strong, cold wind blowing across the landscape, and it wasn't really the kind of conditions they like.  They didn't ascend very far, but their appearance was timely.  

We walked along Becky's Strip, part of the Pilgrim's Way from Holy Island - Lindisfarne - in Northumberland and North Berwick.  It is now the only remaining part of an ancient route running between North Berwick and Whitekirk.  It is a lovely grassy path, with views of North Berwick Law, the Bass Rock, with the high, open skies of the east coast.   In very recent times there was some absurd suggestion that the grass should be replaced with concrete.  Common sense has prevailed, thank God, and it would seem that this won't be happening.  I really do wonder sometimes.  
No-one really knows who Becky was.  There are some who have suggested she was a witch.  The poor woman was probably just someone who lived alone in a cottage, now a ruin, which sits along this route.  
These beautiful elderberry leaves were backlit by the sun.  The wind was blowing hard, so it was tricky to get a sharp image, but the luminous colour is still there.
Walking south, towards the Lammermuirs, the views were great - as always.
Almost home and Tilly had the nerve to bark at this gentle creature.  Tilly's a Border Terrier - they don't think small, so anything is fair game to her!


  1. The colour on the Elderberry is amazing.

  2. Isn't it! I love the intensity of the colours at this time of the year, and if you get the sun shining through an autumn leaf, the colour knocks your socks off! Thank you for your comment - much appreciated. A

  3. Becky's strip is so lush and green. Concrete...really, apart from anything, imagine the cost of doing that. Made me shake my head and laugh at the same time.
    Great colours in the elderberry...and I hope your feet survived the new boots! x

  4. The new boots are great! What a relief. Normally my toes start screaming at me around the 4 mile mark, but now - so far, so good! x